101 GenAI Early Access Program

Integrate AI into your health tech product

Integrate AI into your health tech product

Seize Up to $6,000 in AI Value – Act Fast!

Seize Up to $6,000 in AI Value - Act Fast!

Join Early Access for $101 /mo

Effortless GenAI Integration

Say goodbye to complex AI development. 101GenAI platform simplifies the process to explore and benchmark state-of-the-art AI/ML algorithms and the latest large language models (LLMs).

Networked AI Copilots

Avoid the pitfalls of monolithic systems by employing a network of copilots, purpose built for healthcare jobs-to-be-done. Learn to build fast and build more robust systems.

Build with Community

Learn from experience of your fellow entrepreneurs the different ways in which AI can be leveraged in healthcare workflows.

101 Days with 101 GenAI
from "Concept to Customers"



Is Early Access program a good fit for me?

Our Early Access program is specifically designed to support early-stage health tech companies. To be eligible for enrollment, your company must meet the following criteria:

1. Early stage: Your company was incorporated less than 2 years ago, and is committed to developing innovative solutions that advance the healthcare industry.

2. Pre-Funding Bootstrap: You have not yet secured venture capital or seed funding, demonstrating your resourcefulness and independence. Pre-seed, FnF SAFE round or accelerator support < $1 million is eligible.

3. Product Concept is Clear: Your company has high level product requirements and a prototype /mock ready, with some AI integration required. You should have a company website or AI product concept note ready to get started.

If this sounds like you, then we want you in our Early Access Cohort!


What benefits will I get by joining the Early Access program?

6 Months of Platform Access: Experiment and integrate our AI copilot functionality seamlessly into your healthcare solution.

$6,000 in Free AI Features & Credits: Unlock the full potential of our platform with access to valuable features to customize your AI copilot.


What are the dates of the Early Access program?

Early Access program runs for upto 101 days from when you start (6 months).

Early Access program runs for upto 101 days from when you start (6 months).


What is the structure of the Early Access program?

Through personalized, 60-minute biweekly sessions, our specialists will work closely with you to seamlessly integrate AI into your healthcare product. You’ll benefit from a bespoke onboarding experience on the 101GenAI platform, where we assist in selecting the most suitable model from the latest Large Language Models (LLMs). Our comprehensive training will help you leverage pre-built copilots tailored to your needs and responsibly build your desired AI copilot with proper guardrails. Additionally, we will train you on using a robust evaluation framework to assess performance, with the option to fine-tune models as needed for your specific use case.


What is the cost of participating in the Early Access program?

Register Before June 30: $101 /mo for the duration of the Early Access Program (6 months from start)

Registration closes on June 30.